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Ebong Victoria Imoh

Our Story

Our Founders Story

In 2004 I got married to the late Imoh Thompson Ebong. We had our baby Uwakmfon-Abasi in the same year. While Uwak was 1 year 2 months her father died, killed by militants at AGIP's company compound.
The incident almost made me lose my mind. I was abandoned, without hope and full of despair. Some friends and relatives cared less about us and some stood by us. A year later, I was given the opportunity to lead as Late Police Widows coordinator in Rivers state, Nigeria for 7 years.
My experience as a coordinator gave me valuable insights into what happens to the children and wives of police officers, civilians when their husband pass away or killed in the line of duty.
however, passing through my own experience too as a young widow, i saw worse scenarios when i served as a Police widows coordinator. I saw the pain, suffering, rejection and abandonment widows faced from the families of their late husbands and this is prevalent issue in Africa. In the 7 years coordinating the group, I was able to help them secure accommodations, get their husband entitlements and support them with the help of POWA and other individuals. While I held this office trusting God to help me, I promised Him that if He would lift me from where i was I would allow Him to use me to bless Widows and orphans wherever i could.
Our 1st project was in 2019 where I had to feed Police widows numbering more than a 100 at Mini Okoro Police Station, Rumobiakani, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. We also where very poor people live and supplied 200 homes, toiletries and mosquito nets. In 2020 we combined police widows from Mopol (Nigeria Mobile Police) 19, Oluobasanjo, Mini okoro station and Nwogi barracks and presented them with food items. We gave back to school items to the children of the widows. We also gave monetary gifts to the widows who were reported sick enabling them get much needed treatment/ We also paid for the treatment of five of them who were severely sick.
We've provided scholarships to several children of widows

Our Goals and Objectives

Goal 1

To identify and assist the needy and the less privileged in our society especially the widows, widowers and orphans

Goal 2

To carry out humanitarian services by giving care to the elderly and infants.

Goal 3

To provide food, clothes and shelter as well as other support materials to the less privileged especially those who are in custodial centers as well as restore hope and encourage the members of the society who are handicapped..

Goal 4

To instill in the less privileged a sense of service to humanity, work and a spirit of love by constant reorientation and training.

Goal 5

To assist the less privileged by empowering them through acquisition of skills and tools for them to be able to eke out a living. To identify widows, widowers, orphans and the disabled especially where they are dependents of deceased public officers who served in the army, police and other paramilitary outfits

Goal 6

To create a platform through which kind hearted individuals can reach out to the less privileged especially in the rural areas

We’ve supported 3,450+ families and numerous individuals & communities in Nigeria.

Food, Clothing and Shelter Support


Skill Acquisition, education & Training

Medical Support for the elderly, infant & infirm

Financial Support for the Widowed & Orphan

Our Partners